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Dog friendly hotels, cottages, B&Bs, pubs and beaches

I have started a website called www.roverrecommended.com to help plan day trips and holidays with your dog. 100% of the proceeds from the site go to the dog rescue charity the Border Collie Trust GB.

My own dog Holly was rescued from a pound in Ireland by this charity.

We really appreciate your help as this means that  we can raise lots more money for dog rescue.

Kind regards

update on 'Rocco' the Brown Lab with the Red PCW

I have taken Rocco for a walk first time in a long while as I've got mobility issues and he walks fab for even without the Dogmatic however my son walks him often and doesn't enjoy it due to Rocco sniffs everything and nosey around. Today my son came home and said I like this Dogmatic rocco not sniffing and nosey as much he walks with his head up looking proud and I enjoyed it even in the rain. Rocco doesn't like the rain and can be fidgety not with his Dogmatic on. So thank you for getting my son to enjoy walking Rocco and for Rocco to walk calmly in the rain. It must be the Dogmatic because we've not changed anything else.

Our beautiful German Shepherd Rosa


0ur family's journey with our beautiful German Shepherd Rosa began just under 5 years ago, when Rosa was a little puppy.

 I purchased her only months after my beloved granny named Rosa passed away. My husband, I and our 5 children, are and have always been a very happy and caring family full of love , smiles and laughter. We had 2 wonderful male German Shepherd's before and during having kiddies, which  we sadly lost due to  a brain tumour and old age. We decided we would only have small dogs due to our large family and size of our home. One day I decided whilst grieving for my dear grandparents that I could no longer be without a German Shepherd . Along came Rosa with our experience with German Shepherd's.  I believed I did everything I could for her as a puppy I attended socialising classes and got her used to many surroundings, outside noises etc. everything was going well, Rosa fitted nicely into our very happy family and she got on well with our very precious female Jack Russell everything was good until Rosa started to mature Rosa became a challenge when around other dogs and at home there were battles about who is the boss I knew Rosa needed to go for a walk but I  was scared she would meet other dogs, I knew this would have been fed down the lead to Rosa and would have made the situation worse as she would have wanted to protect me, so I avoided it. After a few years Rosa and our Jack Russell relationship began to get worse, then within the last 6 months things got really bad with them, resulting in Rosa physically attacking her a couple of times.  We could see no answers, I felt I had let Rosa down and the only thing I could do now for her was to re-home her so she could find someone who could give her what I could not. It broke my heart because I have such a strong bond with her, she adores our kiddies and we all love her dearly.   
I am a great believer that things happen for a reason and what is meant to be will be, when phoning numerous rehoming centres, I came across the number
of Eastern German Shepherd Rescue, this was meant to be. We can't  thank EGSR and their volunteers especially Mel, Damon, Adele and Paula, enough for their support, advice, help with walking and socialising with other dogs. EGSR recommended the Dogmatic  Headcollar and training lead, they are brilliant and perfect compared to others we have used in the past. The walking has started well and my family and I took Rosa along to EGSR walk which was amazing. You can overcome many obstacles with the correct mental attitude and never be afraid to ask for help. I believe along life's journey we come across challenges and tests, with the help of EGSR my family and I have begun to pass this test, we are all standing tall, with great big smiles on our faces and our beautiful, very precious German Shepherd Rosa beside us
from Donna Peter and family.

I would just like to say how pleased I am with my headcollars.

We have working malamutes, who are young, enthusiastic and very strong. Walking them was becoming a nightmare, and almost uncontrollable. People would cross the street to avoid us, and, considering I’ve always owned perfectly behaved Samoyeds before these two, very embarrassing!

Your headcollars arrived promptly, and were easy to fit. The dogs adapted well and now cannot chase that rabbit, bird, flapping leaf etc.


Walking them has become enjoyable again, and I can, once again, feel proud of my dogs!


Thank you


The Dogmatic head collar fits well ...


After recently receiving two Dogmatic head collars in size 3 red PCW and giving them a good try out, I wanted to share with you two pictures I have taken of my dogs wearing their dogmatic head collars and share this feedback which I would welcome you to add to your website:

"I have recently purchased Dogmatic head collars from yourself for our two big dogs Max and Mojo. Max is a 4 year old Collie x Rottweiler rescue dog and Mojo is a 1 1/2 year old Northern Inuit. Both my boys are big, strong and energetic but both can be walked with ease by using their Dogmatic head collars. As a professional dog walker (www.mizzpawz.co.uk) I have tried most head collars over the years and have found various faults with all of them. I have considered getting a Dogmatic for some time and recently tried a friends and after a successful trial I decided to purchase my own for Max and Mojo. I am very glad I did.

The Dogmatic head collar fits well and they seem comfortable when worn as my dogs don't try to pull them off constantly as with other head collars and they don't pull at their faces. The Dogmatic head collar provides great control and makes walks more pleasurable.

I practice walking to heal with my dogs on and off-leash but due to them being young, excitable and strong I prefer the added security of a head collar when I need control as a lapse in concentration by the dog such as a passing dear or rabbit etc can often mean that they forget their training and will pull. I find the dogmatic head collar to be an effective, kind and gentle method of maintaining control of my dogs when needed.

Another aspect I like about the Dogmatic head collar is the range of colours and the friendly patterns which look great and distinctive. In the past I have had people mistake other head collars for muzzles but I doubt this one can be mistaken so easily. I ordered the red PCW which looks great and is I have to add that it is manufactured to a high standard.

My experience of ordering was a positive one and we received good communication even when we had to return an item to order a different size.

I have liked DogmaticUK from my business facebook page and after my experiences with this head collar I would be happy to recommend them to my customers."

Kind Regards

Deborah O'Neill

Mizz Pawz -  www.mizzpawz.co.uk


I just wanted to drop you a line to compliment you on your fantastic Dogmatic collar.


I had been having serious pulling problems with my Samoyed dog, When I came across your website. Having studied the product and read the reviews, I just had to purchase your product.


It arrived promptly on Monday last week and I couldn't wait to try it out !!!!  IT REALLY WORKS


I took Blizzard (sorry Children named him) out for his walk and although he was a little unhappy, THE PULLING STOPPED INSTANTLY !!!!!!


I then  took him out for his walk the following day, and with a little control needed i was able to get him to walk to heel. I haven't stopped raving about this product ever since, and I talk to a lot of people in my line of work.


I hope I've been able to get across in my email how happy I am and I really can't thank you enough.


From an ecstatic customer

My Great Dane Ruby

Good morning


I have recently had to part with my Great Dane Ruby at nine and a half years of age.  She came from rescue at 18 months and had never been out with other dogs, we tried everything and then a friend told us about the Dogmatic and it changed our lives and by the time she was 3 we could go back to an ordinary collar and lead.  We had a wonderful time together.


I just wanted to say a big thank you, the Halti is all very well and good but no where near as effective (or comfortable) as a dogmatic.

I’m now obviously on the lookout for a new dog and although at 62 I’m cautious about getting a larger breed (always my favourite), I know I can rely on the dogmatic to help if I get into bother with pulling etc which can happen even with the best of training.

Anyway, thank you again and good luck with your business

Kind regards

Pam Harrison

Sent: 10 November 2012

Thank you for this superb product!




I would like to tell you how much your product has helped me with Dexter. He had been dumped at the age of 13 months, and ended up in the pound.

Fortunately a London rescue group found him and took him away from there.


When I adopted Dexter he was 14 months, already big for a Labrador, and had never been walked full stop - let alone on a lead and collar.

He was also a very 'reactive' dog - he would lunge violently at the sight of anything which scared him. These triggers included horses; white vans; motorbikes; people carrying things; other dogs; cats; birds; squirrels....the list goes on......

I tried several headcollars but they either didn't work well, or were visibly uncomfortable for him. So for six months I persevered with loose-lead walking and with the help of a trainer, managed to stop Dex pulling like mad when on lead. However, he would still go beserk when scared, and lunge violently.

Then came the day when Dex spotted a horse before I did. He lunged so hard he jerked the lead clean out of my hands, and I was sent flying to the ground, face down. We were very lucky that the road was not busy and that Dex was not hurt. Now desperate, I decided to try the only headcollar I had not yet used: the Dogmatic.

What can I say? I returned home from the first walk using a Dogmatic, and cried - with relief!

Not only did the Dogmatic work, but it did NOT ride up into Dex's eyes and nor was he able to wriggle out of it!

Crucially, the Dogmatic has enabled me to remain relaxed on our walks and keep Dex calmer, and I can then reward him for that improved behaviour.

Thank you for this superb product - it really has made such a huge difference to us :)

Please find two photos attached, showing Dexter wearing his Dogmatic.

Best wishes


I just wanted to say WOW!!!!

Charlie with his new Dogmatic collar
Charlie with his new Dogmatic collar



I just wanted to say WOW!!!!  I have today received my 2nd Dogmatic Headcollar (first one was the wrong size), and all I can say is awesome!!

It is the best money we've ever spent !

A photo of my mother-in-law, she was diagnosed with emphysema 10 years ago and has never been able to walk Lola on her own because she is too strong thanks to Dogmatic she is now able to walk Lola on her own.

...Finally worn out his last Halti !!!

Dear Zoe,
Well, Ben has finally worn out his last Halti collar. This is him modelling his new Dogmatic in brown leather with brass fittings. Who’s a pretty boy then? Seriously, at last Ben has a comfortable head collar
that does not ride up into his eyes. It controls Ben brilliantly and he no longer struggles to remove it with his paws as he did with his other branded collar. And furthermore I think he looks very smart and

...she can eat, drink, pant etc. REALLY GREAT..

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU


 I volunteer for UK German Shepherd Rescue and have a dog that Barks at other dogs, My trainer recommended the headcollar and I bought one- they were reasonably priced, look good are easy to put on.

So nice and padded...

Just received the padded cushioned webbing training lead in the post. The fact that it is padded is soo much nicer. Thank you very much! :) It’s really good!!! So nice and padded, even when he caught me by surprise with another dog, I didn't get any blisters which I used to with a training lead I used to use. Thank you :)

I no longer dread meeting other dogs...

I have been thrilled with the Heacollars that I have bought. From being a very strong willed bitch that pulled me over twice when she lunged at something I now have complete control over her and I no longer dread meeting other dogs or animals as we walk along the lanes of Norfolk. A muntjac deer ran in front of us the other day and she was unable to chase it. We also meet lots of partridges that run along in front of us all to no avail. Spice is a lovely bitch but as all dogs  with border Collie in them are a challenge. That's what I love about her.She sits and stays and does as she is told most of the time but is always up for a lark, and 10 or more little birds running in front of her is more than she can bear.

We've had a giant in the house for more than 20 years !

Hi All,

Just like to say how delighted and very impressed we are with our Dogmatic.

Our current dog is a Giant Schnauzer (in fact we've had a giant in the house for more than 20 years - different ones of course!).

It has to be said they're not the easiest dogs to control on a lead, they have the pulling power of a Husky and the exuberance of a Dalmatian. Over the years we've tried almost every headcollar that's come to market, all had their problems and some should never have got past the drawing board stage, so we have to confess that our expectations for the Dogmatic were not high. However, when we first took her out with it we were absolutely astounded, thought she must be feeling a bit under the weather as she was so good! But not so!

Subsequent lead walks have been a revelation, so easy to control without any effort at all. Furthermore, it doesn't irritate, it's easy to put on and the quality of workmanship is first class. Truly, every dog owner should have one, it's light years ahead of anything else.

kind regards

Anne Lundberg

First rate customer service...

Hi Zoe, 

I just wanted to thank you for the first rate customer service from your company. I have received my replacement collar by return post as you said. This one fits Abi a treat and it is now a pleasure to take her for a walk. 

I have recommended your product already and i know this has resulted in at least one further order. 


I wanted to send positive feedback as sometimes we are quick to complain but not so forward to praise. 


thank you again, 



WOW it is fantastic he never lunged or pulled me

Just received my Dogmatic headcollar for my 1yr old Weimaraner, I have tried many things to help his pulling & lunging. I just put the headcollar on him & took him for a walk to see what was like & WOW it is fantastic he never lunged or pulled me he was also really good when we walked across a field which is a big thing as he just can not walk nicely across grass, the big test will be tomorrow when I go for a walk with my friend & her dog.

I had just about given up on walking...

I had just about given up on walking my two Mals together as they were just too strong.
I got a couple of dogmatic headcollars and now I can walk both with one hand, can't belive the difference it makes, walking the dogs was becoming the bane of my life and I dreaded it, so much easier now and back to enjoying my walks again. Sally

Absolutely amazing

Bought this along with a new lead, collar and harness for my newly adopted Alaskan Malamute at the Only Paws and Horses show at Paddock Wood.
 Walked my very 'pully' dog for about 20 seconds and I was reaching in my hand for the money!! Usually he pulls and pulls and pulls and walking generally was a nightmare as he always pulled - now he is an absolute pleasure to wander into town with or even around the show where there were loads of distractions - if you have any hesitation on buying this let me put your mind at ease - if your dog pulls on the lead or you want/need immediate control of your dog - buy one now!!!!!! John O.

...still no sign of wear and tear...

Would just like to say how impressed I am with the dogmatic product. My dogs have had their dogmatics for over 6 months now and there is still no sign of wear and tear, no matter how dirty the dogs  get the dogmatics whilst we are put. They have been through the washing machine many times and are still as good as when we first recieved the product. My dog's favourite past time was pulling me round the block before, they walked perfectly whilst out individually but take all 4 of them out and whoosh - we were off! Now we can quite happily walk for miles and walks have become so much more enjoyable. I have tried anti-pull harnesses, halti, gentle leaders, canny collars before and none have worked anywhere near as well as the  Dogmatic. Yes - the dogmatic is more expensive but you get what you pay for. Thought you may like to see a photo of 3 of my dogs wearing their dogmatics - unfortunatley my 4th was very poorly at that time and so missed out on the photography session!

...once we got outside she was ok.

Just wanted to say Thank you, I received Harlies new Pink head collar yesterday.
Harlie is a 6 month old Great Dane who doesn’t realise her own strength. She pulls, in an excited way and makes walking a stressful experience.

We tried it out this morning, she tried to get it off with her paws at first but once we got outside she was ok. She trotted along beside me like a little pony. Being a Great Dane, she looks so elegant when she walks nicely, it is lovely to walk with her and not have my arm hurt when we got home!
I couldn’t believe so much improvement on the first walk! I will send pictures shortly, I couldn’t operate a camera and the new lead today!

Many Thanks

Gave me good control over my large bouncy GSD...

Received head collar yesterday and have just been out for a walk. Excellent product very good quality. fits very well and so far has stayed in the right place unlike others I have tried. It looks comfortable on him and hopefully will not rub

Gave me good control over my large bouncy GSD.

Thank you

...how flipping brilliant your headcollars really are!!!

Hi, I just wanted to tell you just how flipping brilliant your headcollars really are!!! We first found one quite by accident whilst on holiday, a couple of years ago in Whitby, North Yorkshire.. We called into a pet shop (the name of which I can't remember, unfortunately) as we'd had enough of our headstrong malamute husky, dragging us around the narrow streets of the town,....in the hope of finding something more adequate, than what he already was wearing!!! We purchased one of your headcollars and our lives were instantly transformed........to the point that we got another dog........and let them have a litter of pups!!!! 

‘On the Scent’

‘On the Scent’



Hello, my name is Sophia and I run my own dog training business ‘On the Scent’ in Great Ashfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.   I am a KCAI Member working towards accreditation and also an Associate Member of the PDTE(Pet dog trainers Europe).

We run classes for puppies as soon as they are fully vaccinated up to the veteran dog.  We also hold Beginners/fun agility, gun dog training workshops, home visits and private lessons.  All training is held outdoors at our 10 acre site all the year round and feel very blessed to have clients who travel from Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, London as well as my home county of Suffolk.


Before we go any further I have to say I am not a huge fan of gadgets, however, they do have their place in dog training and none more so than the ‘Dogmatic’ head collar which was introduced to me via a client who also happens to be a dog training instructor.

 I suffer with back problems and although walking three or four dogs at a time is fine, when one of the younger ones sees a friendly face and gets excited, then my back suffers.  My client mentioned during a class one day that she had back problems and had invested in the Dogmatic head collar which she wanted to use in class.  I was hesitant to allow it at first but then after seeing it in action I was rather impressed with it, the way it fitted and the instant result of no pulling from her dog that I borrowed it for mine!! I have found that regardless of the breed or cross breed the Dogmatic Head collar so far, fits perfectly and doesn’t ride up like some of the other brands on the market.  They also seem to have a calming affect on the dogs, especially those who suffer from dog on dog aggression.  They work along side the training programme NOT instead of the training programme.

Zoe’s Mother Susan designed the product due to not being able to help walk the dogs due to having had four back operations and a neck operation. In the time we have been using them the service has been fantastic and all the staff know the products and should one not fit correctly they are more than happy to change it.  All my clients who have invested in this product have all been delighted and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending them.  (With some strong willed dogs they may need to be introduced over a period of a few days before setting out on a walk).


The Dogmatic Headcollar can be used permanently if wished. As many dogs are, unfortunately, not trained to heel or their owners have disabilities, the Headcollar is ideal to have kind, gentle control of your dog. It is also ideal for strong willed or aggressive dogs and using the Dogmatic gives control and peace of mind. This is far kinder than using neck correction with check chains which can do so much damage through being incorrectly fitted and incorrectly used.


Dogmatic – Simply the Best!

Dogmatic – Simply the Best!

Warmest Greetings All at Dogmatic ,
                                                           Just wanted to say how wonderful the Dogmatic is ,I can now enjoy lovely long walks with my mals and sibes due to your wonder lead and head collar, after being involved in a series of road accidents I was rendered bed ridden for over 18mths and incapacitated for a further 2yrs , as my mals and sibes grew so did their strength and walking my one girl had become a nightmare , I really dreaded the thought of taking her out as she pulled like a freight train but when you actually stopped and watched her she was hardly pulling at all but given the breed she was doing what came naturally to her, our walks had become irate and frustrating her pulling often aggravated my back injury and it got to the point only my other half could actually walk her and sometimes he became frustrated at times with her pulling .Thanks to your wonderful Dogmatic our walks with our girl are now most relaxed and I actually look forward to our walks and our time out together.

After getting a male malamute the  Dogmatic lead and collar has proved to be a real god send in his obedience training especially through his teenage stages as he would use his brute strength to pull and drag me about when he was having a defiant stage , often I would feel like I’d gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson after an hour’s training then I wouldn’t be able to train the next week as my back would hurt so much, with Dogmatic I’m always in control at training and me and my boy have come on with his training in leaps and bounds and he now loves his training nights and so do I .

Lastly my Dogmatic has helped me solve a dog on dog aggression problem with one of girls, after she was attacked while at a market by 3 pekenese she had decided every dog she saw was the enemy and became embarrassingly vocal when she saw another  dog/s , though I tried not to tighten the leash when I spotted a dog coming when you have a breed of dog like mine you have no choice given they can pull 8 times their own body  weight if I’d have kept her on a loose leash she could have me over in a flash if she decided she really wanted to be confrontational with another dog so my stress and panic was being sent down the lead to her, but now thanks to the Dogmatic I am able to keep the lead lose while having more control than I ever had using only a standard neck type collar, now I’m calmer and I am confident I have full control which transmits to my girl so she is calmer and I’m happy to say she doesn’t have many embarrassing moments any more.

I recommend Dogmatic to all my puppy owners and anyone who contacts me with problems or queries concerning pulling and this includes owners of not only, malamutes and sibes but northern inuits and huskamutes,  I recently had a doggy day out with about 20 other malamute sibe owners who were amazed by the control and the ease of the Dogmatic and several of them had tried every head halty and harness under the sun sadly with no luck , but they have now purchased Dogmatics and are now blissfully enjoying wonderful calm walks with their furkids .

I am currently working on my new website and Dogmatic will defo be at the top of Sharrs top recommendations for owners of malamutes and sibes ( or any dog with serious pulling or lunging issues for that matter ) and a link to your website will most certainly be added .

Continued success is wished for the future in all your endeavours.