Great quality and fit!

Hi, there - Just got second Dogmatic Headcollar( the fabric one) to add to my leather one, as my mad GSD loves to get into water - not good for the leather one!!.

 Great quality and fit! I had tried all the other brands of Headcollar before discovering Dogmatic  through my training club -  Margaret, the trainer has bred and shown  Rottweilers for 30 years and will only use Dogmatic Headcollars on her dogs. She recommended I try  one as my boy didn't like his Halti - it kept riding up and rubbed the skin from his nose. Getting my first Dogmatic Headcollar  was the best decision I have made - wonderfully thought out product, strong,safe, and very comfortable for my dog.I've given all the others - Gencon, Gentle leader, Halti (-you name it, I've tried it!) to the Charity shop, and recommend Dogmatic to all my friends. Thanks again for a superb product  - and please feel free to add this  to your  testimonial section.

 Kind regards, Hilary.

It has transformed my dog!

I ordered a Dogmatic head collar after stumbling across them quite by chance on a forum.
My Irish Setter who is now 18 months old has been a nightmare to walk since he was about 6 months old.
I had been walking him on a Halti and a body harness with a double lead but he was getting more and more out of control.
He started barking at other dogs when on the lead about 6 months ago and progressed to barking at bikes, runners and anything else that spooked him.

The final straw came when he launched himself at an innocent pedestrian barking madly. This led me to search on line for anyone with a similar problem. The Dogmatic head collar seemed to be most peoples answer.

I ordered a 3L but when it came it was too big so you swapped it for a size 3 for me.

It has transformed my dog! We managed to walk calmly past the refuse lorry today with no jumping or barking! I stopped to talk to someone & instead of leaping around barking he sat quietly! On the return leg of our walk he was actually trotting next to me on a loose lead.

Hopefully we will continue with this new behaviour. I will certainly recommend Dogmatic


Sue C.

It was decided The Dogmatic was best...

It was decided The Dogmatic was best...
It was decided The Dogmatic was best...
I am a self employed dog trainer and dog handler instructor. I deal with the general public but also hire my services out to professional services.

 As a health and safety issue I am pleased to say it has now been accepted that, when working and training young large and very large breeds, it is better to use a head collar than risk back damage or being dragged onto their faces,  ( I showed off the Dogmatic after trying one on my own Great Dane -who, although trained to walk to heel, if she should decide to take off after something, at 54 kgs it could be very damaging to me ! ! ......and indeed to her if we were near a road) . It was decided The Dogmatic was best, especially as there is no risk of eye damage. I am also happy to say once the dogs are fully trained and do not need the head collar for issues of pulling on the lead,  we can still use the head collar just in case the dogs get too excited knowing they are off to work, their handlers find them  easier to calm down and control. So, well done DOGMATIC.

I would like to say thankyou for your excellent service

I would like to say thank you for your excellent service . I ordered my Dogmatic headcollar on 23 rd Jan 2011 and it was delivered on 25 th Jan 2011 .

We have used it today for the first time and the difference in our Border collie was amazing , he is a 14 month old rescue dog and he would not walk to heel no matter what we did . Today he walked by our side and walking him was a pleasure .


             Once again many thanks Mrs D Barber . I will certainly recommend your head collar .

A great success !

I have been using the Dogmatic Headcollar and am finding it a great success.

My dog can no longer pull back and get out of it and it is much nicer to have control of his head as he does tend to lunge at other dogs.

I would definitely recommend Dogmatic...



Just a quick e-mail to say how very pleased I am with your Dogmatic Headcollar.

Out of all the Headcollars on the market yours is the best.

My large Boxer dog Stan is so much more happier wearing it compared to the Halti.

I would definitely recommend Dogmatic.


Thanks again.

Patricia and Stan 

Its great!

Purchased one of your Synthetic Leather Headcollars online and it arrived 2 days ago - its great!


I have a very excitable 3 year old Chocolate Labrador Bitch who pulls towards every human and dog we meet on walks.   I have been trying the Halti Headcollar over the last few months which did make walks easier but she could get if off fairly easily  by hooking her claw over the noseband.   The Dogmatic so far has proved impossible for her to remove - met a gentleman with two dogs today and even managed to stop for a chat as she seems to realise that I have at last won!   I am about to re-order to have a dry one always to hand for walks.  Thanks Dogmatic.  

Bruce The Lab

Bruce The Lab
Bruce The Lab

Hello again


I just had to write and thank you for your assistance with my order last month.  I hope that you got the message I left on your answering machine the day after it arrived.  


I have been using the gold padded Dogmatic collar since the day it arrived and it is absolutely wonderful. 


My dog is a lovely, but very strong, lively and bouncy, two year old chocolate labrador called Bruce. I have been attending a dog trainer with him for over a year now.  It was the dog trainer who had recommended your product to me recently and I ordered one straight away.  You had very kindly guided me on the correct size over the phone and posted it out as soon as possible. 


I am so amazed (and relieved) at the difference this headcollar has made to walking Bruce.  Walks are so much more pleasurable and I am more confident too as I know I can control him with ease.  He tolerates the headcollar very well and sits quietly to get it on when heading out on walks!!


Well done on designing such a wonderful (and effective) product. 


I will be calling again to order another headcollar and I have been recommending it to all my dog walking companions too (and one has already made a purchase).


Please find attached a picture of Bruce looking very smart with his Dogmatic headcollar and matching collar.


Thank you once again.


Kind regards.


Audrey C.

Ceres, Fife, Scotland

I am an obedience dog trainer...



I would like to leave a testimonial on the Dogmatic Padded Cushioned Headcollar. I am delighted with this product.

 I am an obedience dog trainer, however, I had spinal surgery 6 months ago and I have not been able to train my 5 month old collie pup to walk to heel as he is very exciteable and I cannot be pulled & jerked by his as it causes a great deal of pain. I tried the Halti which constantly rode up into his eyes,  he managed to break one ( the plastic clip gave in with the force he pulled with) I got a replacement and he became fabulous at getting it of within about 2 seconds!


I researched on the internet and came up with your product which I had not tried or heard of before. I am delighted with the outcome and the quality of the product. The fact it has a metal buckle and the side straps (cheek) it makes it inescapeable and the material is much tougher, although gentle on his face and it DOES NOT ride up into his eyes. After a couple of walks with it on he has accepted it fully as he realises that he cannot get it off.


Thank you very much for the wonderful design of this headcollar and the ease it makes walking my dogs.


Thank you

Clare W.


Fife, Scotland

Professional dog walker...



I am a professional dog walker, Italian Spinone & breeder and have used Dogmatic head collars for about five years. Given the opportunity I do recommend them to others. I think it is an excellent product    http://www.homealonepets.co.uk/

"...Suddenly he decided to walk with me..."

Thank you very much for the Dogmatic. We practised in the house for a while and then I decided to go to the post office which is not far away. Suddenly he decided to walk with me. It was marvellous! A dog trotting along to heel and there was no pain in my shoulder. Instead of the planned 10 minutes we carried on for over an hour and he was perfectly happy.
Thank you for your help over the phone - you have another very happy customer. I shall be happy to tell others about this - just as I was told by another dog walker.