We owned Dobermanns for twenty seven years and have also had two Rottweilers, both as rescue and from puppyhood. We have trained them for both obedience and showing, having shown Dobermanns for eleven years. We showed three Italian Spinoni, Grandad, Dad and Grandson, all of whom did very well in the show ring. We have recently lost Kofi, but still have his Son Archie and Grandson Norman who will continue to fly the Dogmatic flag. Our dogs are, first and foremost, much loved family pets.  These are our previous and more recent show dogs:



‘Kofi’ 6/03/03-20/5/15 Pictured at Leeds Champ Show 2005
Montecani Moon Storm at Estover 1CC, BOB
(Italian Spinone)

(Sh Ch Brody dal Podere Antico at Wynsett
ex Montecani It’s a Love Thing)



  • Reserve Best Dog - Midland Counties 06
  • 1st Limit Dog LKA 06
  • 2nd Open Dog Bath Champ Show 2008
  • Crufts qualified for life
  • 1st Limit, DCC & BOB Leeds
  • 1st Limit East of England
  • 1st Limit Paignton 1st Limit SWKA
  • 1st Mid Limit ISCGB Champ Show
  • 1st PG Crufts
  • 1st PG Manchester
  • 1st PG & RBD Midland Counties
  • 1st SY Driffield
  • 1st SY Richmond
  • 9 x 1sts in Junior at Champ Shows
  • Numerous Best Puppy awards 

6th March 2003 - 20th May 2015
                                                       Our big beautiful Boy

                                              Always a wonderful gentleman

                                               Rest in Peace and sleep tight


It is with great sadness that we have to advise that we lost our big beautiful Gent, Kofi, today. The ‘face’ of Dogmatic for his 12 years, Kofi has always been a wonderful, gentleman, who has filled our lives from the moment we brought him home.

 He has brought us great joy and pride, not only in the Show ring, but also through his beautiful Son and Grand Son and his other progeny. Kofi has always been a wonderful ambassador for the Breed, meeting and greeting people, especially children, as well as dogs with great aplomb. But most of all, a wonderful, ‘one in a million’ much loved member of the family.


Everyone who met Kofi knew he was a very special boy and he has been a huge part of our family.


Kofi will continue to be remembered as the ‘poster boy’ and handsome face of Dogmatic.

Despite coping with health problems in his later years, including an enlarged heart and heart murmur, his problems have become much worse and Kofi quickly became poorly with his latest bout of Aspiration Pneumonia which causes persistent coughing and laboured breathing and he was not recovering with antibiotics. He was becoming increasingly wobbly and signs of Geriatric Onset Laryngeal Paralysis Polyneuropathy were worsening so the dreadful decision was made to let him sleep in peace. Yesterday, it was as if he was telling us he had had enough as he struggled down to the bottom of the garden and lay under the newly planted Indian Bean tree in the grass where we had planned to put our past dogs’ ashes. He was joined by Archie and Norman who lay either side of him and they seemed to be saying their goodbyes.


He will leave a huge void in our lives and we will miss him terribly.


Goodnight our Darling Kofi xxx




Yours sincerely,


Zoe Lewsley

Managing Director

Dogmatic (UK) Ltd



'Archie’ Born 18/02/05 pictured at Leeds Champ Show 2007


Elgin’s Mezzaluna at Estover
(Italian Spinone)

(Montecani Moon Storm at Estover ex Stagerun Tettrazini for Elgin)

18th February 2005 – 13th February 2016


  • Crufts qualified for life
  • 1st Limit Dog Birmingham National
  • 1st Postgraduate Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed City of Birmingham
  • 1st Minor Puppy and Best Puppy WKC, debut Show
  • 1st Minor Puppy and Best Puppy Dog at ISCGB Open Show
  • 1st Puppy and Best Puppy at Mid Cos. 

Tribute to Archie

RIP Archie

Elgin Mezzaluna of Estover
18th February 2005 – 13th February 2016

RIP Archie


Our hearts are broken once again with the loss of our lovely boy, Archie, yesterday, just a few days short of his eleventh birthday.

Archie was such a sweet, beautiful, brave boy, at his happiest either carrying several tennis balls in his mouth or searching for the next available treat! His talents for managing to hide four large tennis balls in his cheeks were renowned as was his talent to win ‘wettest beard’ competitions at Spinoni gatherings!

Archie was such a character, snuffling up to you with his fabulous moustache and ‘pointing’ towards the treat cupboard or to the piece of furniture where his tennis ball had been hidden with his wonderful bum wagging from side to side with delight!

Elgin Mezzahuna of Estover (Archie)

Despite recovering superbly from back surgery when he was nine, Archie had lately had problems with another disc that couldn’t be operated on and so was on high doses of painkillers to keep him comfortable. We were taking him for weekly acupuncture which was making a huge difference and he was still eating, pottering and enjoying being with us. Archie had been getting weaker and finding it harder to get up from sitting but, once given a gentle bum lift, was off, especially if food was on the agenda!

Yesterday morning, we woke to him wailing by the side of Mum’s bed and when I rushed into the room to see if he was ok, he clearly couldn’t get his back legs to work to enable him to get up. He was clearly in a lot of pain and we knew something was terribly wrong.

We gave him his tablets and called the Vet, Barbara Jones, who has been giving him acupuncture. She immediately set off (she’s about an hour away) and we sat with Archie, keeping him comfortable.

The tablets clearly had an impact on him because, after about ¾ hour, he somehow was determined to get up and despite trying to stop him, he was adamant! I helped him up and he walked out the French windows (I thought for the loo) but only to go into the kitchen to see why he hadn’t had breakfast yet!!! Can you believe!! He then moved (with help) into the front room and collapsed in exactly the same spot as Kofi. Sheer willpower and the thought of missing out on his breakfast made him make one more walk but Archie clearly was in trouble.

Barbara was lovely, she came out with another lady Vet and they were so kind with Archie. They lightly sedated him and he fell asleep on his favourite giraffe toy (whose feet he used to love squeaking) and started to snore. She inserted a catheter and Archie even woke up to check what the paper rattling was in case he was missing some grub! Archie then drifted peacefully to sleep and literally fell asleep on his giraffe. He looked very peaceful and out of pain.

We will have him home soon to be with his Dad, Kofi.

We are devastated. Although we knew we were on borrowed time, Archie was such a strong character that it was a huge shock to wake up to have the decision made for us.

Archie was an absolute sweetheart, he would wait for his bum lift and then we’d be off, meandering around the land, him mooching and stopping for little breaks to eat any rabbit poo along the way.

Archie has left a huge hole in our lives and his son Norman looks lost. Norman and Archie kissed yesterday morning before the Vet came. Norman also came and checked Archie over afterwards so was very aware that he had gone.

We are all still in shock and the house seems very quiet and empty without our dear Boy xx


We are still missing our dear Kofi and now we have also lost his son.   Archie looked so like Kofi when he was lying in peace.

We are very grateful to have had almost 11 years with Archie and know he will be in peace and reunited with his Father.


Rest in peace, our sweet, beautiful, big hearted boy. Sleep tight now with Kofi X



Yours sincerely,


Zoe Lewsley

Managing Director

Dogmatic (UK) Ltd




‘Norman’ Born 16/08/2007'

Hincott Summer Skies at Estover
(Italian Spinone)

(Elgin’s Mezzaluna at Estover ex Montecani Flash Dance at Hincott)

‘Norman’ Born 16/08/2007


  • 1st Puppy Dog Blackpool
  • 1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog Bath
  • 1st Junior and Best Puppy Shropshire Gundog
  • 1st Minor Puppy Dog WELKS
  • Crufts Qualified 2009
  • Charlie

    Pictured Bournemouth Champ Show 2008

    Olivechi Mighty Caesar at Estover 1RCC
    (Italian Spinone)
    15/03/2006 – 26/01/2009

    (Montecani Moon Storm at Estover ex Olivechi Orange Blossom)

    • 1st Junior Dog Birmingham National
    • 1st Junior Dog Leeds
    • 1st Junior Dog City of Birmingham
    • 1st Postgraduate Dog and RCC Bath
    • 1st Postgraduate Dog SWKA
    • Best Puppy - Midland Counties 06
    • 1st Minor Puppy Dog and Best Puppy LKA 06
    • Crufts qualified 2008
    • 1st Junior Birmingham National Champ Show
    • 1st Junior Leeds Champ Show
    • 1st Junior City of Birmingham Champ Show 

    1st Post Grad Dog & RCC Bath Champ Show 2008


    Tommy 1/8/95 – 1/8/02
    Ch Manzart Black Humour at Sallate

    (Ch Swnydwr Storm Bearer ex Ch Sallate’s Zoey at Manzart)
    • 8CC’s, 3RCC’s 3BOB’s
    • Winner of Working Group – Windsor 2000
    • Winner of Working Group – Southern Counties 2000
    • Reserve Best in Show – Southern Counties 2000
    • Top Dobermann in the UK 2000


    Evie 14/12/94 – 21/10/99
    Khaneve’s Dark Haired Maiden at Estover
    (Ch Sallate’s Ferris ex Khaneve Step in Style)
    • Open & Champ Show Winner


    Leila 13/2/98 – 31/7/03
    Estover’s Dark Sarcasm

    (Ch Manzart Black Humour at Sallate ex Khaneve’s Dark Haired Maiden at Estover)
    • Open and Champ Show Winner
    • 2nd Crufts, BPIB, BOB etc...